Prof. Craig Jensen

Craig Jensen is an Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator of the Mathematics Department. Along with John Meier and Jon McCammond, he solved the Brownstein-Lee Conjecture on the integral cohomology of the group of loops. This conjecture had not seen a published solution for 15 years after it appear it appeared in print, despite numerous attempts. His research areas are broadly in algebra, topology, and mathematics education. Specifically, they are in geometric group theory, conbinatorial group theory, graph theory, and the cohomology of groups. More specifically, he has looked at problems with automorphism groups of free groups and related ideas. An introduction can be found Prof. Karen Vogtmann (his thesis advisor at Cornell) in the paper ``What is Outer Space?'' via

Craig enjoys teaching classes to computer science majors. In particular, he has taught both undergraduate and graduate classes in cryptography, as well as discrete mathematics.

His research papers and a brief CV can be found at: