Prof. Golden G. Richard III
Prof. Golden G. Richard III

Golden G. Richard III is an experimental computer scientist whose research interests include digital forensics, computer security, operating systems internals, and reverse engineering. Golden is University Research Professor, Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Greater New Orleans Center for Information Assurance (GNOCIA) at the University of New Orleans. He is also a GIAC-certified digital forensics investigator and co-founder of Arcane Alloy, LLC, a private digital investigation and computer security firm. Golden is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Digital Forensics Research Workshop (DFRWS), an Editorial Board of the Journal of Digital Investigation, and a member of the Secret Service Taskforce on Electronic Crime. Golden is also an avid music photographer, leaving little time for watching CSI (actually he has never seen an episode of this show). And for the record, he is unlikely to eat anything whose recipe contains the words "packet" or "envelope". His first floppy drive cost $600 and required financing.


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