Academic programs in IA are available at all levels in the Department of Computer Science at the University of New Orleans.  A concentration in Information Assurance may be obtained by students pursuing a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science.  For students obtaning a B.S., this primarily involves classwork, while for students in the M.S. program and the DENAS Ph.D. program, it involves intensive study in IA ending with defense of an IA-oriented thesis or dissertation.

Undergraduate students in the B.S. in Computer Science program may fulfill a Concentration in Information Assurance by earning credit in the following required courses (all of these can be accommodated in the regular B.S. curriculum):

  1. Completion of the following two courses:  CSCI 4621 (Computer Security) and CSCI 4623 (Introduction to Computer Forensics);
  2. Completion of one project-oriented elective course.  The following courses may be chosen for this requirement:  CSCI 4622, CSCI 4402, or CSCI 4460.  Other courses may be substituted upon approval by the Department;
  3. Completion of one non-technical elective course, which can be selected to complement a particular student’s plan of study.  Courses in this category include Mathematics 4360 (Mathematical Information Theory), Management 4407 (Management of  Technology and Innovation), and  Political Science 4410 (American Constitutional Law).   Other courses may be substituted upon approval by the Department.

Students enrolled in the M.S. program must fulfill, in addition to the standard M.S. "breadth" requirement, a "depth" requirement in a particular area of concentration.  For the IA concentration, this includes three courses from the following list:

  • CSCI 4621 Computer Security
  • CSCI 4622 Reverse Engineering
  • CSCI 4623 Introduction to Computer Forensics
  • CSCI 6130 Data Encryption & Cryptology
  • CSCI 6621 Network Security & Forensics

Students in this program will also write an IA-oriented M.S. thesis under the direction of one of the IA faculty. 

Students pursuing a Ph.D. with a concentration in IA enroll in the DENAS program and complete most of their graduate coursework and research in the Department of Computer Science, with some additional courses in the Engineering, Math, and/or Physics Departments.